20 Screenshot Memes For Evidence

People, during these times when it’s very easy to delete an offensive Tweet, a scandalous Facebook post, or even a celebrity scoop, the best offense and defense is a screengrab!

Receipts are everything. You can slap somebody in the face with a well-timed paste of a screenshot. You can show somebody up in a lie with an irrefutable visual piece of evidence. So, if you haven’t been doing screengrabs yet, get in the habit.

Check out these funny screenshot memes to understand screenshot culture.

Because You Know You’re Gonna Need It 

But You Have Screenshots

Forgive Your Enemies

Girls Take Screenshots More Than Selfies

Give Me A Second To Grab My Camera

Instagram Now Notifies People

Me: I Didn’t Say That!

Most Dangerous Weapons

Proof Of Exemptions?

Screenshots That Could Ruin Lives

Screenshots Your Snapchat Selfies

Send It Back To The Same Person

There Are 3 Sides To Every Story

What Is Screenshot

When Someone Screenshots Your Snapchat

When You Accidentally Send The Screenshot

When You Mess Up A Screenshot

When Your So-Called “Friend”

Why Did You Screenshot

You Don’t Even Have Proof

Get your screengrab game on with these screenshot memes!