20 Scary Clown Memes That’ll Haunt You At Night

We’re not sure why you’re looking for a scary clown meme but hey, here’s our creepy collection.

It’s funny how something that was meant to elicit laughter and be funny can actually reduce normally brave people into quivering masses of frightened jelly. Is it the greasy makeup? The overly large lips? The stringy hair?

If you’ve got a friend who is afraid of clowns, share a scary clown meme and unmake her day.

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Don’t Like Scary Clown

What’s The Matter Kid?

But Mom I’m Scared Of Clowns

Wanna Buy Some Nightmares

Scary Clown Sightings

I’m Scary Clown

Hey Kids Wanna Pop Some Balloons

I Don’t Always Kill Children

I Just Joined Facebook

I Just Wanna Cuddle

I Think You’re Scary, Ronald

I’ve Killed More People Than You

Can Tell That You Are Scared of Clowns

Scary Clown With Attitude

Violets Are Blue and You’re Blood Is Red

You’ll Never Catch Me On True Crime Garage

What If I Told You Everything Floats Down Here

Go To Sleep I’m Under Your Bed

I Don’t Always Watch You Sleep

The Most Rewarding Part Of The Birthday Party

Oops! That last scary clown meme almost made me pee my pants!

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