15 Sasuke Memes And Choke Edits


Here for those Sasuke choking memes?

As with anything Naruto, an episode can’t go by without some fast-paced action. Getting beaten up by the opposing faction is just part and parcel of watching this exciting anime.

In one episode, Sasuke Uchiha, our favorite inscrutable character is being held up by the neck by his brother Itachi.

Later, edits cropped up with Sasuke being kept in a stranglehold by all sorts of pop culture icons ranging from Ariana Grande to Shrek to Gordon Ramsey.

Check out these Sasuke memes and see how creative netizens have been.

Thank You Sasuke, Next

arianna sasuke memeNo Joy
condo sasuke memeHand It Over
data sasuke memeThe Face of Evil
hoseok sasuke memeDrink That H2O
hydrated sasuke memeStolen Account
password sasuke memeSASUKEEEEE!!! NARUTOOOOO!!!
pokemon sasuke memeYou Lack Seasoning
ramsay sasuke memeRisky Anticipation
risky sasuke memeShaggy’s 10%
shaggy sasuke memeIt’s Spherical!
spherical sasuke memeClassic Moves
test sasuke memeSasuke Supports This
v sasuke memeHow Dense Can You Be
boi sasuke meme
No Bulli Pls
stop sasuke meme

Poor Sasuke. His neck must hurt from all these Sasuke memes.