20 Hilarious Sad Memes… Ironic, We Know


You know it’s a crazy and effed up world when a sad meme makes you laugh and giggle.

Totally digressing but I have this one friend with the resting bitch face. No joke. She gets asked all the time why she’s made but really, she’s not. So when she tells a joke, somehow, it just becomes more hysterical because of her bitch face. Which brings me back to sad memes. They’re so sad, they’re freaking hilarious.

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1Right Now I Am Feeling Sad Meme

2Donald Trump Sad Meme

3Sad Mark Jackson Meme

4A Girl Found Her Spirit Animal

5Swiped Right On A Tinder Bot

6Sad Lebron Be Like Meme

7Baby Face When Hear Justin Bieber’s Songs

8You Make Me Sad

9My Coke Fizzed Too Much When I Poured It Into My Glass

10Sad Keanu Memes

11Dawgg Why You Gotta Do Me Like that Sad Meme

12So Close On the Internet

13Sad Ray Lewis is Sad

14Sad Woman Meme

15Jack White Sad First Pitch

16Sad Cute Baby That Nobody Love

17Listening to K-Pop Song

18Sad #BTS Meme

19She Finally Finds Love

20Mom Gave Me Life