20 Sad Kermit Memes If You’re Feeling Down

Are you having a bad day? Is the world getting you down? Don’t worry. There’s a sad Kermit meme especially for that.

Kermit the Frog may have debuted by Jim Henson in 1955 but even up till now, he is still as relevant as ever. You’ll see millennials and Gen Z posting funny and relatable Kermit memes on Twitter and other social media to show exactly how they feel.

And if you’re feeling sad, well then take your pick from our collection below.

When You Put A Lot Of Effort Into Making A Meme

sad kermit 3 upvotes meme

When Your BFF Gets A Boyfriend

sad kermit bff meme

Sometimes I Wonder If My Bike Is Thinking About Me Too

sad kermit bike meme

When You Are Bored

sad kermit bored meme

Me Mentally Preparing Myself To Leave My Bed

sad kermit deal with people meme

8-Year-Old Me Realizing Dog Heaven Probably Doesn’t Exist

sad kermit dog heaven meme

When You Finish A Great Show

sad kermit ending meme

When You Finish A Series On Netflix

sad kermit finish a series meme

Sometimes I Wonder If My Gym Is Thinking About Me Too

sad kermit gym meme

When You Accidentally Hit Restart Instead Of Shutdown

sad kermit hit restart meme

When You Drop Your Ice Cream

sad kermit ice cream meme

At Your In-Laws’ Family Reunion

sad kermit in laws family reunion meme

When Nobody Is Nominating You For The Meme Of The Decade

sad kermit meme of the decade

Sometimes I Wonder If I’ve Ever Bought Milk From The Same Cow Twice

sad kermit milk meme

When You Are Sad And Listen To Sad Music

sad kermit music meme

I Wonder If The Outside Misses Me As Much As I Miss It

sad kermit outside meme

When You Finish A Truly Great Video Game

sad kermit video game meme

When You’re Waiting For Your XBox Friends To Be Online

sad kermit waiting for your xbox friends to go online meme

When You Wait All Week For The Weekend

sad kermit weekend meme

When They Say We’re Just Friends

sad kermit were just friends meme

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