20 Funny Memes From The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Of late, Netflix has been retelling iconic stories into dark tales. Just take a look at the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. While the Sabrina comic is more cutesy, the new Sabrina is a tad edgier and darker with more serious foes and higher stakes, pardon the pun.


And while you’re enjoying the new season, check out these funny Sabrina memes inspired by the TV show.

Can’t Wait To Master My Witchy Powers

sabrina am i a joke to you meme

I Don’t Want To Sign My Name To The Dark Lord

sabrina dark lord meme

Me And My Depression

sabrina depression meme

Me Going To The Kitchen

sabrina going to the kitchen meme


sabrina harry potter meme

Me Whenever Harvey Comes On Screen

sabrina harvey meme

My Last Two Brain Cells

sabrina hot mess meme

Me At Lilith

sabrina lilith meme

Looks Like A Cinnamon Roll

sabrina looks meme

Madam Satan In Any Scene Of Sabrina

sabrina madam satan meme

Sabrina Isn’t This A Little Too Risque

sabrina netflix meme

Every Nightclub Photo Ever

sabrina nightclub photo meme

Don’t Do That Thing

sabrina pikachu meme

Hilda When Zelda Wants To Kill Connor’s Iguana

sabrina reference meme


sabrina satan meme

My Name Is Sabrina Spellman

sabrina sign it away meme

Sign My Book

sabrina sign my book meme

A Summary

sabrina summary meme

A Talk With Her Aunts About Rules

sabrina talk meme

I’m Sorry Aunties

sabrina zelda meme

Have you seen the latest Sabrina music video? It rocks! There’s nothing more fun than a singing Sabrina amidst a backdrop of flame, dead trees, and demon cheerleaders. Check it out and share some Sabrina memes while you’re at it.

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