18 Hilarious Rudy Giuliani Memes


Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s lawyer, might be losing big time in their election lawsuits but he’s definitely hitting gold in the meme department. We can’t decide what his most shining moment is. Was it that moment when he adjusted his “microphone” while laid out in bed with Borat’s “daughter” in the same room? Or was it that moment when he said “All the networks” during the Four Seasons Landscaping presser?

For sure, these Rudy Giuliani memes are a hoot.

Before Obama Came Along

rudy guiliani before obama memes

But I Insist

rudy guiliani breaking the law memes

You Can’t Handle The Truth

rudy guiliani cant handle the truth memes

It’s A Conspiracy

rudy guiliani cosnpiracy memes

I Never Said There Wasn’t Any Collusion

rudy guiliani criminal collaboration memes

Rudy Giuliani At The End Of That Press Conference

rudy guiliani end of press conference memes

The Ever Changing Story

rudy guiliani ever changing story memes

Facts Aren’t Facts

rudy guiliani facts arent facts memes

Rudy Is The Gift

rudy guiliani gift memes

Literally No One

rudy guiliani hair dye memes

Giuliana Insists Breaking The Law Not A Crime

rudy guiliani insists memes

Just For Men Has Left The Chat

rudy guiliani just for men memes

Rudy Giuliani

rudy guiliani plead guilty memes


rudy guiliani shredded cheese memes

That Moment When You Realize You Effed Up Again

rudy guiliani that moment memes

I’m Afraid That My Tombstone Will Say He Lied For Trump

rudy guiliani tombstone memes

Donald Is Not My Boss

rudy guiliani trump partners memes

War Is Peace

rudy guiliani truth memes