15 Relatable Retail Therapy Memes


As a certified member of the club, we can say with confidence that retail therapy really works! Had a bad day at the office? Retail therapy. Don’t have time to take a 2-week vacation abroad? Just do retail therapy. Is the boyfriend giving you headaches? Retail therapy. Your credit card balance getting you down. Just do more retail therapy.

We hope your credit card balance is sufficiently healthy always for all this therapy. Here are some relatable retail therapy memes to make you laugh today.

Crippling Debt

Don’t Cry

How Normal People Do It

I Have A Better Idea

Health Insurance Please

This Is Why

Brilliant Ideas

I Wish

Not Sure If I Need A Vacay

Before And After

What To Buy

Stress Relief

This Dog

How Much?


If any of your friends find consolation in shopping, send that friend a retail therapy meme today.