25 Rib-Tickling Relationship Memes… #4 Is So True!


Do you have a bae? A special someone? A fling? Or maybe, you’re even in a serious commitment with someone. If you are, these relationship memes are for you.

The funny thing about these memes, is that they’re not just memes. If you look closely enough, you actually get some precious relationship advice that’s better than anything Oprah or Ellen can dish out. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at Meme #4. If you value your life, take that advice. Don’t be fooled!

Laugh through our collection below and share your favorite ones with your friends who are in relationships, too! They’ll be sure to relate to this humor.

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1First Tinder Match In Two Months

2Him: I’m Sure You’re Not That Crazy.

3How I Think I Look When I’m Angry

4If A Woman Says “Do What You Want”

5I Told U To Stop Liking

6It Wasn’t A Fart…

7The Perfect Relationship Doesn’t Exi–

8Waiting For Bae To Come Back

9When A Female Comment

10When A Girl Says “Ok Have Fun”

11When Bae Falls Asleep And You’re Bored

12When He Get You Food To Calm You

13When It’s Been 3 Hours 42 Minutes And 8 Seconds

14When U Had A Bad Day

15When U In Public With Bae

16When Ur Trying To Work Out

17When You Ask Her What’s Wrong And She Says “Nothing”

18When You Ask Your Girl What’s Wrong

19When You Chillin With Your Girl

20When You Kiss Her On The Forehead

21When You Mad At Bae

22When Your Boo Is Busy

23When You Throwing Random Mood Swings

24When You Tryna Sleep

25When You Wake Up And You Don’t Have A Morning Message