18 Relatable Racing Memes for Car Lovers


Racing memes exist because people love the sport. Why do we love racing? Is it because we are curious on how the drivers are navigating through a difficult race track? Is it the adrenalin one gets whenever you watch your favorite driver zip past you in the speedway? Is it the shiny, powerful and expensive cars and the rush you get when you see it get to the finish line with very little to no damage?

Car racing is not limited to all those things. It is not just the adrenaline rush, the speed nor the attraction of a powerful engine. It is the challenge of navigation, the rush of excitement in your system in the control you have in a machine much more powerful and bigger than you. It is exceeding the limits of human ability in both speed and power.

Watching 20+ cars race through the tracks isn’t just a personal experience and moment. It is an event shared with family, friends and loved ones. It is probably why we love sharing racing memes too. Let’s look at 18 racing memes people love to send.

Cause You Know

Ready, Set Up Your Lights

That Escalated Fast & Furious

When You Think Topless

Don’t Underestimate My Box

Lined Up On Display

Keep Dreaming

Racing Is Not For the Weak

Ran Out Of Room

Starting Car

Let’s Discuss

This Is NOT Drag Racing

You Can’t Commit, She Says

I’m Sorry

It’s Racing Season

Why Do You 

Why Late Apex?

That’s Cute

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