24 Psych Memes For Fans Of The Show

Psych is a crime-solving TV show starring a fake psychic, the show’s namesake, with his trusty partner at his side. The main character, Shawn, makes use of his eidetic memory, which allows him to recall a mental image with astounding accuracy after only seeing it once, to convince people that he solves cases with real psychic powers. As you can imagine, some hilarity and awesome moments ensue as Shawn establishes a psychic detective agency and tries to convince the police he’s not in on the crimes himself.]

For some memes on the show, keep scrolling down below. Who knows, we may have used some psychic powers ourselves to see which memes you’d like!

Oh My Gosh You Have Never Read The Bible Have You

psych bible memes

Chaotic Good

psych chaotic good memes

When The Teacher Puts You And Your Best Friend In A Group Together

psych best friend memes

Characters From Obscure TV Show Psych

psych characters memes

You Can’t Make a Good Meme Out Of A Psych Gif

psych come on son memes

I Kinda Want To Do Something But It’s A Little Risky

psych do something risky memes

When Someone Says They Don’t Like Psych

psych dont like memes

When Someone Tries Approaching You With False Doctrine

psych false doctrine memes

When There’s A Fight In The Middle Of The Class

psych fight in the middle of the class memes

Come On Let’s Hug It Out

psych hug it out memes

In School Like

psych in school memes

My Name Is Shawn Spencer

psych jazz hands memes

When Someone Tells Me To Stop Making Psych Memes

psych making memes

Current Hyperfixation

psych me memes

I’m Going To Ask You To Be Respectful Here

psych respectful memes

I’m Sensing Something

psych sensing something memes

Shawn Spencer

psych shawn spencer memes

Made It Out Of Santa Barbara Before The Straw Ban

psych straw ban memes

We Don’t Take Orders Well

psych take orders memes

When You’re Forced To Sit Next To The Teacher In Children’s Church

psych teacher in childrens school memes

By The Way These Don’t Come In Tiny

psych tiny memes

Me Trying To Flirt

psych trying to flirt memes

My Zombie Apocalypse Team

psych zombie apocalypse memes

Time to rewatch the show!

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