15 Extremely Funny Prom Memes That Are Way Too Real

For most people, prom is a milestone. Going to a formal dance can make you feel extra special, particularly when you get to express yourself and be with your most favorite person at school.

Prom, however, isn’t the easiest experience. You’ll have to find the right clothes to wear and ask the right person to be with you. Apart from that, there’s the stress of worrying about what other people will think of you and your partner.

If you’ve ever been on a prom, here’s a really funny prom meme collection you’ll be able to relate to.

When You See Bae

When I Went To Prom

This Is

The Most American Prom Picture

Prom Tonight

So You’re Telling Me That

My Friend Went To Prom

Mention Prom One More Time


Prom Night

I Don’t Always Get Asked To Prom

How Sad

Going To Prom

Doesn’t Win Prom King

Be My Prom Date

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