15 Super Cool Professor Badass Memes


If you’ve ever seen a Professor Badass meme, then you’ll know it’s in an entirely different level. It’s a macro image of a super stylish man strutting down the road like he owns the universe.

This gorgeous man is actually an ex-fashion director for ESPN magazine. Styled in a steampunk outfit, he caught the attention of meme-makers on the Internet after this poster came about.

Since then, he’s been known as Professor Badass.

Check out our collection of Professor Badass memes.

A Whole New Meaning

Do You Have It?

First Day Of Class

Get Instant Relief From

I’ve Got A Ph.D

Let’s Go Teach Some Physics

Please Put Your Pens Down

Questions? Comments?

Split An Infinitive

Student Sleeps In Class

Tortures Students

Trust Me Kid

Wearing A Gold Pocket Watch

Yeah That’s My Degree

You’ll Be Dangling

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