24 Really Funny Presidential Memes You Just Got To See

The president might be the most influential person in the country but that doesn’t make him safe from criticism. In fact, his position attracts a lot of attention. From what he says to the things he does, people will always have something to say about him.

Just take a look at these funny presidential memes. They are so good that people just can’t stop sharing them!

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Equality For All

Give That Man

Good Job America

I Can Lie

If There Was A Good Presidential Candidate

Just Realized 

Look At Me

Marco Stop Trying To Confuse The People



Romney Wants To Debate Me

So Are We All Totally Sure

That Darn Hillary

That Face You Make

That Face You Make When You Know

That Moment When You Realize

The Face You Make When

There’s A Lot Of Bad Bad

To Save Water

Trump Or Hillary


We Need Law And Order In America

We Shall

What I’m Watching Vs What I Want To Watch

Why Can You People Not Understand

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