20 Funny Preschool Memes Only Toddlers Can Inspire


Entering preschool is such a memorable experience not just for your toddlers but also for Moms and Dads. The challenges we face when we leave our darling babies in school with their ever patient teachers.

Let’s look at these preschool memes that just makes our hearts soft and gets us rolling off the floor in laughter.

Dad: Who Is Ella And Why Does She Keep Wanting To Pee?

Dropped Out Of Preschool

And I Am Outta Here

Smart Kids Go Home First

When Preschool Kids Have Chicken Soup For Lunch

I Have To Poop

I’m Gonna Rule

I Was Only Allowed

When Your Son’s Preschool Teacher Tried To Be Sweet

I Nailed Driving To Preschool Today

Nap Time Fun

Getting The Hot Teacher To Wipe Your Bum

Ran Into An Old Friend

Her Student’s Awesome Parents Know Their Son So Well

What I Actually Do

Preschool CSI

What Parents Want

Multi-tasking Skills 

You Can’t Scare Me

You Cannot Lie To A Preschool Teacher

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