25 Charming Poodle Memes To Make Your Heart Melt


Poodles are a classic and regal breed of dog. They make for great emotional support because of their affectionate nature and kind personality.

However, because of their intelligent, cute and playful nature, they have been the subject of many jokes and is always included in animal memes.

Who can resist these awfully cute muffins? Let’s take a look at some of these delightful poodle memes we found laying around our timeline.


Day 257: They Haven’t Noticed.

Oh No You Didn’t

Princess Diaries: Pup Edition


George Will Never Go Out With That Tom Cat Ever Again

Have A Sit

I  Can Quit Anytime

Born This Way

I Got My Hair

I Am The Rug. The Rug is Me.

I’m Pretty Sure

Now Listen Here Mister

You Don’t Want Me Angry

One Day

Character Development

The Mailman Tried

I Could Be Anything

Our Wild Days Are Gone

Did I Bite An Innocent Mailman in My Former Poodle Life?

When Someone Cancels 5 Minutes Before Your DateThat Extra Effort

I Missed You

Don’t Try Me, Mister

Living The Edgy and Curly Life

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