20 Police Memes That’ll Give You A Good Laugh Today


Some people fear the police, particularly those who’ve been hearing a lot of negative things about them in the news. They fear gettingĀ apprehended or getting in contact with the men in uniform. But you know what?

The police aren’t really that scary. In fact, they can be funny, particularly when they become the subject of memes. This is one good reason why the internet can’t stop making hilariousĀ police memes.

Now, if you’re looking for the funniest ones, then you’re in for a treat. Today’s collection has some of the funniest and most viral police memes you’ll ever see on the internet.

You Only

Whoever Said

When Your Partner

When He Runs

What Am I

The Police State

That Look

Police Sirens

No I’m Sorry

It’s Not My Fault

If You Think

How Normal People See Us

Hold On

He’s Got No Backup

Hello Police

Got This Meme Off

Doesn’t Understand The Law


Any Alcohol

American Police In Films

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