20 Funny Playstation 5 Memes Pre-Release


The PS5 release is right around the corner. All the information we could possibly want about this sleek new console is out and about on the world wide web from design to its price point. However, we believe we speak for everyone when we say that the PS5’s design might look a tad bit hilarious for some. You can’t look at someone straight in the face and tell them the PS5 doesn’t look like a wi-fi router. Heck, it even looks like an air purifier we have at home!

For this reason, there have been a ton of hilarious comparisons springing around regarding the new console’s appearance. Read on, and you can see some of our favorites!

Mom Can We Get A PS5 At Home

playstation 5 at home meme

The New PS5 Controller Looked Familiar

playstation 5 controller meme

Got That Early Release PS5

playstation 5 early release meme

The PS5 Looks Like A New Expensive Campus Performing Arts Center

playstation 5 expensive campus meme

You Can’t Unsee It

playstation 5 eye of sauron meme

The New #PlayStation5

playstation 5 hea and shoulders bottle meme

Can I Copy Your Homework

playstation 5 homework meme

IDK What The Hype Is

playstation 5 hype meme

It Can Do Everything

playstation 5 it can do everything meme

PlayStation Has Reach Perfect Form

playstation 5 perfect form meme

I’m Adding My Own To The Pile

playstation 5 pile meme

The PS5 Design Is Pretty Fowl

playstation 5 pretty fowl meme

Same Design Vibe

playstation 5 same design vibe meme

Makin A Sandwich

playstation 5 sandwich meme

It’s Been Seen And Cannot Be Unseen

playstation 5 seen and unseen meme

And The Controller Is Wearing A Tank Top

playstation 5 tank top meme

The Future Is Now

playstation 5 the future is now meme

What Are You

playstation 5 what are you meme

Who Would Win

playstation 5 who would win meme

So Are You Guys Getting The Mini Fridge Or The Wifi Router

playstation 5 wifi router meme