17 Adorable Phteven Memes

Tuna the Dog is a celebrity dog who has gained popularity because of his unusual face. A mix between a chihuahua and a dachshund, it has resulted in a distinct and prominent overbite. Because Tuna looks like he may have a lisp if he talked, he’s been given the nickname “Phteven”, a play on the name Steven.

A rescue dog adopted from a farmer’s market, we’re so glad that this little pooch is now living the celebrity life. All too often, strange mixes and hybrids like these are abandoned or abused. Also, they are prone to diseases.

His human says that Tuna likes being photographed and he’s amassed more than a million followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Check out his cute photos and the funny Phteven memes that have come about.

Don’t Be Phtrephed

phteven dont be phtrephed memes

Drive Thafley Everyone

phteven drive thafley memes

I Smell Waphles

phteven i smell waphles memes

I’m So Phleepy

phteven im so phleepy memes

I’m Thorry For Being Tho Theductive

phteven im thorry memes

Phteven Is My Name

phteven is my name memes

Phteven Is That You

phteven is that you memes

Phteven Is The Monphter Gone

phteven is the monpther gone memes


phteven majephtic memes

Nite Nite

phteven nite nite memes

But Firpht Let Me Take A Phelfie

phteven phelfie memes

Excuse Me

phteven phquirrel memes

Pthcoot Over Phlease

phteven pthnuggle memes

I Am Pho Ready For Phpring

phteven ready for phpring memes

Phteven Says Thorry

phteven thorry memes


phteven thquirrel memes

Phteven You Are A Phtar

phteven you are a phtar memes

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