18 Funny Phrasing Memes About A Giant Woody And More


Double entendres are funny. But they reach a new level of hilarity when you realize that the double meaning is not intended.

Perhaps we were just too young and innocent when we read the complete volumes of Archie. Or, maybe you were zooming too fast to see that funny and weird sign. Well, scroll through our collection of funny phrasing memes and we’ll make sure you don’t miss a thing.

We hope you get all of them! Sterling Archer would be disappointed if you don’t.

63 Earths Can Fit Inside Uranus

phrasing 63 earths meme

Aquaman Tops Mary Poppins

phrasing aquaman meme

Archie Did You Have Any Trouble Rescuing Me

phrasing archie meme

Ball-Bashing Brothers Leave Their Marks On The Tennis Court

phrasing ball bashing brothers meme

Spend Your Sunday Here

phrasing beating off the devil meme

Every Child Is Gifted

phrasing child is a gift meme

Drudge Report

phrasing drudge report meme

Disney Erects Giant Woody At Hollywood Studios

phrasing giant woody meme

Heinz Seriously Good Times Mayonnaise

phrasing heinz meme

Human Trafficking Training

phrasing human trafficking training meme

I Want To Let You In

phrasing let you in meme

By What Right Do You Eat My Nuts

phrasing nuts meme

My Prince Did Come

phrasing prince meme

I Take A Sheet In The Pool

phrasing sheet meme

Green And Salty

phrasing the grinch meme

The Peter In Me

phrasing the peter in me meme

Employee Of The Month

phrasing weed shop worker meme

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