16 Penguin Memes That Are Too Adorbs For Words

Hey, folks, are you ready for a penguin meme? Yey, I’m sure you are!

Penguins are known for their loyalty to their mates. Praiseworthy, but really, what most people remember is just how cute they are. Good Lord, who could ever forget the “Happy Feet” movie? Now, let’s put these cute creatures into memes!

Beware! Any penguin meme below can kill with cuteness.

Asshole Just Ate My Wife

Come At Me

Every Day

Go South, They Said…

I Believe I Can Fly

I Love You

I Must Go

I Saw Her First

Makes Eye Contact With Cute Girl

Meets A Hot Girl

So I Became

Stay Back

Tells Girlfriend About Work

When U Open The Spaghetti Sauce Jar

When You Walk Past Your Landlord

You VS The Penguin

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