30 Peculiar Potoo Memes for the Odd Bods


We all have it, some weirdness we prefer to keep to ourselves. Because the possibility of others knowing, we might as well jump off a cliff. Seriously (or not), you know how they say that each one is unique? The perfect response to that is this: you have no idea.

These peculiar potoo memes celebrate, or make fun, rather, of each and every one’s idiosyncracies. Whatever bizarre thing you like doing, well, who cares? Everyone has their own peculiar business going on.

After all, strange is human nature’s middle name. It’s nothing to be coy about, unless it’s something very, very gross. In the case, remember why the internet slang TMI came into being.

Check out these 30 peculiar potoo memes for some hilarious confessions.

After I Cut Off A Huge Toe Nail

After I Pee

At A Friend’s House

I Act Very Suspicious

I Always Sit With My Back

I Always Turn My Computer Screen

I Cup My Hand Over

I Frequently Press The Tips

I Like To Pluck My Nose Hairs

I Like To Put Rubbing Alcohol

I Like To Scrape The Inside

I Like To Take Showers

I Look At Myself In The Mirror

I Prematurely Flush

I Pretend I’m Famous

I Sing Rap Songs

Sometimes I Sleep On My Living Room

I’ve Slept In A Sleeping Bag

I Walk Around The House

Park Next To The Same Cars

Popping My Pimples

Sometimes In Mid Conversation

Sometimes When I Print Out

Sometimes When I Take A Dump

When A Weird Texture Rubs

Whenever I Eat A Meal

Whenever I Think Of Something

When I Clip My Toenails

When I’m Thinking Something Bad

When People Are Distracted

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