20 Patrick Star Memes That Are Making People Laugh So Hard

Patrick Star is SpongeBob SquarePants’ best friend and adorable neighbor. Most of the time, he says things that don’t really make sense. His behaviors are weird and he acts oddly.

Despite those things, the character remains well-loved. In fact, he has a lot of fans adoring him worldwide.

If you are one, then you’ll surely find this Patrick Star meme collection a treat. The memes are the best ones you can ever find on the internet.

Better To Remain Silent

Just As Planned

Who You Calling Small Eyes

May I Take Your Hat Sir

When It’s Friday

Finding Old Pictures Of Yourself

When Your Crush Says Hi

Sitting In My Early Classes

I Can Get Off The Computer

When I Don’t Understand¬†

This Is How I Eat

Just Got Serious

When People Ask

How Could They Be Dangerous


These Words

Me When I’m Watching

When Someone Says

That Moment You Gain Enough

Thank You

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