25 Paranoid Parrot Memes For Chicken Littles


It’s a tough life out there. Things seem to have gotten vicious that overreacting is slightly acceptable. Then there’s mean world syndrome, making us perceive the world to be more dangerous than it is (thanks a bunch, violence on TV). But if you’re the glass half full kind – that and a penchant for comedy – then a paranoia-driven response is just something that’s very much meme-material.

So, paranoid much? Loosen up a little with these paranoid parrot memes.

Boyfriend Mentions His Female Coworker

Car Pulls Into The Driveway

Car Pulls Up Beside Me

Checks Sensor On Automatic Toilets

Checks To See If Fly Is Open

Coughing Fit?

Create Original Character

Drop Pencil During Test

Employee Calls In Sick

Foot Falls Asleep

Freaks Out When Passing Through

Get Called To Office

Girlfriend Licks Lips During Conversation

Has An Idea For A Meme

Head Itches A Little

Hear Howling In The Night

Hear Laughter While Doing Macarena

Hears  Loud Thump

Hears Sirens In The Distance

Reads Raw Meat Health Warning

She’s 17 And He’s 18

Smells Smoke

Someone Accidentally Touches Me

Stranger’s Kid Asks For Some

Website Fails To Load

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