15 Pajama Kid Memes For When You’re So Done


Are you looking for some funny pajama kid memes? The pajama kid is another story of a regular person getting unexpected meme celebrity status.

A Redditor posted a friend’s school photo. The story goes that the young boy’s mother thought “picture day” was “pajama day” and so dressed up the son in bright yellow Spongebob Squarepants sleepwear.

The result is this funny photo of a boy with a hilariously resigned face. Who could blame him?

Now see how Internet folks have been using the pajama kid meme when they’re so done with something.

Asks For Crayola

Asks Teacher Which Browser To Use

Becomes A Reddit Meme

Happy Mothers Day

How Your Girl Look At You

I Am So Done

I Talk To Everyone

Asks For Lego

My Face Every Time I Look

My Mom Got Me These Pajamas

I’m So Ashamed That I Wasn’t

That Moment When You Add Water To Acid

When Someone I Don’t Like

When Someone Screenshots My Ugly

You Can Be Anything

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