• dttstyerty

    hated it.

  • lex

    you’re gay, and not in the homosexual sense. in the bad sense.

  • jimmy

    thumbs down. this is stupid.

  • HATEiT

    oh good i thought i was the only one..

  • Vanessa


  • Emily

    Well, isn’t that rather mean and rude of you all. I found this touching and true.

  • Hitler

    FAGGOT! like the bikers

  • Name

    You’re a fucking faggot.
    Go get a life.

  • les

    I liked it.

  • this is good why hate it?

  • I like the poem.

  • Jessica

    This is beautiful what is wrong with most of you people and your negative comments?

  • Aina

    Why not use something besides “gay.” Gay is either happy or a sexual preference… either way there is nothing negative about it.

  • I think this hold true.

  • blah

    Aina’s comment is gay

  • Lady D

    waaaaaaahhhh !!! dislike. NEXT

  • Becca

    Why do we experience pain? To appreciate love even more!

  • negative comment

    we’re leaving negative comments because it’s generic and uninspired.

  • 4243234

    it really is stupid
    theme song? wth :S

  • quite good