20 Best Loved Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme


Hey lovebirds, ready for some que horror yet hilarious overly attached girlfriend meme?

When a man commits into a relationship, more often the not, he will wish that his partner would be of two things—a very rich heiress or NOT an overly attached girlfriend. There is an emphasis on overly attached girlfriend since this type of girlfriend means “business” and is very high maintenance.

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Yet, for girls like me, Laina Morris, the woman behind the celebrated meme perfectly represents the hidden psycho within us. If your girlfriend doesn’t appear to have this darkest side, then beware what lurks beneath!

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Did You Keep Any Of Our Old Photos?

Don’t Ignore Me

Happy Father’s Day

I Deleted Your Facebook

I Don’t Need Your Permission

I Dunno Mom…

I’m Going To Learn All Your Mom’s Favorite Recipes

I Seem Fine When You First Date Me

I Sewed My Name On Your Shirts

I Took The Liberty Of Looking Through Your Phone

It Took You 15 Minutes To Get Home

I Was Looking Through Your Texts Earlier

My Password?

Oh, You Called Me 37 Times

On First Date

You Are The Father

You Ate At Wendy’s?

You Aren’t Looking At Me

Having A Shower

Until Death Do Us Part?

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