20 Ouch Memes That Perfectly Show How Much It Burns


If you’re searching for an ouch meme, then you’ve come to the right place!

Pain isn’t funny at all. It will make you cringe, frown, and make some really weird faces. Sometimes, you wouldn’t even have the right words for it. And for that reason, we’ve gathered the best memes that perfectly show how pain feels likes. Pick one and send it to everyone you know!

The Face You Make

I Got Stabbed 


Ooh Ouch


Ouch Did That Hurt

Ouch Feelings Outta Nowhere

Ouch Hawkward

OuchI I Just Broke My Thumb

Ouch Low Blow


Ouch Ouch

Ouch Right In The Feelings

Ouch Scabbers 

Ouch That Hurt

Ouch That Hurts Bro

Ouch That Like 

Ouch That’s Gotta Hurt

When A Nigga Step On Yo Toe

You Hurt My Feelings

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