26 Otter Memes That Are Way Too Funny For Words

Otters are simply the best animals. They have this crazy thick fur that lets them stay warm and super buoyant. Compared with other animals, they are one of the few mammals that use tools to eat. They frequently use hard objects and rocks to break open foods with hard shells. How cool is that?

Now, those things aren’t the only reasons why otters are great. Below, we have a really amusing otter meme collection that perfectly shows why they are the best.

Scroll down and prepare to have a good laugh today!

Sometimes, all we need is a hug

An otter group hug Otter Meme

Bless you, my son

Bless you Otter Meme

Dis ma significant OTTER

Dis ma significant Otter Meme

Excuse me, what are you doing?

Excuse me Otter Meme

It’s our problem-free philosophy

Hakuna Otter Meme

Having a bad day?

Having a bad day Otter Meme

I otter be studying

I feel like Otter Meme

Beaver and otter are different from each other

I think you've confused Otter Meme

Tag that annoying sibling of yours

I will switch labels Otter Meme

Day 45: He still thinks he’s an otter

I'm not an Otter Meme

I’m not like OTTERs

I'm not like Otter Meme

I’ll talk to you some OTTER time

I'm too tired Otter Meme

It’s not what it looks like

Its not like what it looks like Otter Meme

Saving the world one OTTER at a time

Navy Otter Meme

An otter’s new year’s prayer

New year prayer Otter Meme

You can have the OTTER half

Otter half Otter Meme

Why otters snuggle

Otters snuggles when they sleep Otter Meme

It’s was the OTTER guy

Please forgive me Otter Meme

Tempted by the fruit

Tempted by the fruit Otter Meme

Thank you, Lord, for this OTTERly delicious meal

Thank you lord Otter Meme

The river was too mainstream

The river was too mainstream Otter Meme

Today, we fight!

Today we go to war Otter Meme

I’m not like OTTER guys

What if i say Otter Meme

When you need space but also want some attention

When i need space Otter Meme

When you show someone your talent but they ignored it

When you show someone Otter Meme

You think I’m cute?

You think i'm cute Otter Meme

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