18 Online Dating Memes You’ll Find Way Too Relatable


Getting into online dating is like a gamble. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to meet the right person for you. If not, then you might end up feeling disappointed. There’s the danger of falling victim to fake profiles and even sexual predators, too.

Those things, however, doesn’t mean that online dating can’t be fun. With these online dating meme collection, you’re guaranteed to have a happier experience.

Your Profile Said

When Women On Dating Sites Say

What She Looks Like

What If Online Dating Is Just A Scam

Welcome To Online Dating

Updating Your Okcupid Profile

The Results Are In

Tell Me What Qualities You Look For In A Guy

Message A Hot Girl

I Will Find You

I’m Signing Up

I Hate Online Dating

I Don’t Always Do Online Dating

How She Looked Online

Got A Match On Tinder


Dating Today

Back In My Day

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