20 Oh Shit Memes That’ll Leave You Laughing Hard


Oh, shit.

Those two words can mean a lot of things. It’s either you’ve found yourself in some deep shit, you’ve realized something mind-blowing, or you forgot something extremely important (finding yourself in some deep shit).

The cool thing is that we were able to come up with an oh shit meme collection that perfectly expresses all three. And to be honest, we did a really great job as our final work is pretty hilarious. If you’re a non-believer, scroll down to see the memes we’ve prepared for you. Enjoy!

Oh shit… I’m in love


Am inlove Oh shit Meme

I forgotForgot taxes Oh shit Meme

I think my human and I switched plates

Gray cat with leaf Oh shit Meme

Hello darkness my old friend

Hello darkness my old friend Oh shit Meme

I hope no one heard it

I farted Oh shit Meme

I knew this was a bad idea

I knew this was a bad idea Oh shit Meme

I left the oven on

I left the oven on Oh shit Meme

I may have forgotten something

I may have forgot Oh shit Meme

I said that out loudI said that out loud Oh shit Meme

I’ve been found

I've been found out Oh shit Meme

When you forgot to vote BTS on MAMA #MAMAVOTE #BTS

Jimin Oh shit Meme

Look its stupid trump holding a card

Look at stupid trump Oh shit Meme

My human is gonna be so pissed

My human is gonna be pissed Oh shit Meme

Never mind

Never mind Oh shit Meme

Oh shit, cops

Swallow it Oh shit Meme

The police

The police Oh shit Meme

They moved the litter box

They moved the cat box Oh shit Meme

This getting good

This gettin good Oh shit Meme


Today's monday Oh shit Meme

When your puberty is faster than Usain Bolt

When puberty hits you Oh shit Meme

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