25 Funny Nurse Memes That’ll Make You Feel So Much Better


Being a nurse isn’t easy. You work long hours, miss your meals, and sometimes spend the entire shift without sitting down or taking bathroom breaks. Plus, you also have to deal with difficult patients and co-workers from time to time. All those things can easily stress you out. If you aren’t careful, you can end up with burnout which can be a bad thing for your work.

So, to help you unwind and chill, we’re sharing with you our funniest nurse meme collection. These memes are guaranteed to leave a smile on your face for the rest of your shift. Enjoy!

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5 Minutes Later

Nurse Be Like

Burnt Out

Every Time Someone

Giving Report

How I Feel

Mighty Lord

My Coworkers

My Face

Night Shift

Patient Acting Up

Patient Tells You


Sitting Down

That Feeling

That Moment

The Look

These Pain Meds

When You Are

When A Patient

When You Look

When You’re Giving

Who Says Nursing

You Need

You Want

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