18 Outrageous Nicolas Cage Memes


Nicholas Cage starred in some of the best flicks, like City of Angels and Con-Air. He even portrayed one of the most badass Marvel superhero, The Ghost Rider. Recently, however, he became more famous not by starring in a new role but in a lot of memes. Most of those memes were about his hair, funny facial expression, and his character.

If you’re a fan, here are the best and funniest Nicolas Cage memes you’ll surely enjoy.

65 Million Years Ago

Dat Moment

Despite All My Rage

I Do Not Have An Eagle On My Head

If Nicolas Cage Can Still Get Work

I Gave My Last 5 Cents

I’m Becoming

I’m Not Saying It’s Nicolas Cage

I Said Give Me The Cheese

Let Me Touch Your

My Hair Is A Bird

Now That The Government Is Shut Down

Picolas Cage



They Tried To Contain Me

Hippolas Cage

When You’re Drunk

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