15 Extremely Funny Nerd Memes


Looking for a nerd meme you can send to your friends?

Whether it’s at school or at work, you’ll likely meet one person who’s just too serious about nearly everything. He’s introverted and lacking real social skills. That’s one reason why others are having a hard time connecting with him.

The truth, however, is that nerds can be funny, too. From witty jokes to their weird expressions, this collection will make you see their lighter side.  So, go ahead and scroll down to see the memes below!

Assigned 2 Page Essay

A Neutron Walks

I Didn’t Choose

I Don’t Use

I’ll Never Have

I’m Going To

Watt Is Love

She Called Me A Nerd

Sorry Ladies

That’s What You Get

You Are Prohibited

You Must Be 

You Must Be

So You Pick On

You Should

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