18 Nap Memes For The Sleep-Deprived

For the sleepyheads out there, here’s a nap meme from one sleepyhead to another!

Sometimes, work or problems can exhaust and drain us so much. Well, guess what? A 20-minute power nap has been shown to work wonders for the body and your mental health. So the next time your body is straining, be kind to yourself and take a short break.

Make like Edison, Einstein, Churchill, and other iconic people in history, and join the club.


Dear Naps

Did I Hear You Say

How I Feel When I Wake Up

I Don’t Always Take Power Naps

Is It Nap Time Yet?

I’ve Dealt With Enough Idiots For The Day

I Will Dominate The World

Leave Me Alone


That Moment When

Wake Up After A Three Hour Nap

When I Try To Take A Nap

When You Wake Up From A Nap

When You Look In The Mirror

With My Plan Complete I Will Rule The World

You Know You Are Growing Old

When You Wake Up From A Nap

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