20 Music Memes Everyone Can Get In Tune With


They say music can heal. It can turn a stressful day into a peaceful moment of classical or therapeutic nirvana. One could be dealing with chaos one moment but once music is turned on, quiet ensues and all is right in the universe.

We discovered that as much as music can heal it can also bring out laughter, through this collection of music memes we put together. Let’s all enjoy!

Brace Yourselves

Classical Music

Morpheus knows what’s good

I’m Bach

Just Hold Off

Cutting It Close Like A Genius

Me Before Thanksgiving with Guests in the House

Don’t String Me Along


Need Tunes? I Got Your Bach!

If the Hills Have Ears

Me At Parties

Jamming to Songs

When Your Bandmate Decides It’s Their Concerto

Throwing My Hands Up In The Air Like

Anytime Now

A Prodigy


Expectation VS Reality

Doing A Classical Cover Be Like