20 Funny Mulan Memes That Will Have You Rewatching The Movie


The movie Mulan is one f the most unforgettable animated movies by Disney. It is a story where we all take the journey of a woman who blooms into her skin and grows into her resolve. Apart from Mulan, there are many other interesting characters in the animated version. You might have your favorites, too, like the feisty Mushu.

Relive Mulan all over again in these funny and nostalgic Mulan memes.

Me After Taking A Shower

mulan after taking a shower memes


mulan blame memes

My Mom After I Failed A Math Test

mulan failed math test memes

Christians When A Missionary Asks For Financial Support

mulan financial support memes

When You Hear Someone Insulting Harry Potter

mulan harry potter memes

When You’re Fed Up With Your Long Hair

mulan long hair memes

What Makeup Remover Was On Mulan’s Sleeves

mulan makeup remover memes

What The Makeup Remover Towelettes Promise

mulan makeup remover towelette memes

When Girls Wear Makeup To The Gym

mulan makeup to the gym memes

In A Meeting

mulan meeting memes

When You Don’t Stop The Microwave Before It Reaches 0:00

mulan microwave memes

Asking My Dad Eventhough My Mom Said No

mulan mom memes

When Your Older Sibling Catches You Using Their Stuff

mulan sibling memes

When You’re Sneaking Around At 2:00AM

mulan sneaking around memes

My Dad Asking If I Said Frick

mulan snitchy sister memes

Tries To Pour A Bowl Of Lucky Charms At 3 AM

mulan spoon memes

I’m So Excited For Summer

mulan summer memes

When You Don’t Use VPN In China

mulan vpn memes

When You Flirt Because You Were Bored

mulan women memes

This Movie Would’ve Ended A Lot Faster

mulan would have ended faster memes

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