Love Mukbang Videos? Check Out These Funny Memes


Mukbang is one of the latest trends to hit the last few years. YouTube viewers find satisfaction and entertainment in watching content creators consume immense and sometimes impossible-to-fathom amounts of food. In fact, the volume of food consumed is so big that we even wonder if the eating is real, if there is cheating involved, or else, we worry about the person’s health. Like, that huge pile of Cheetos and fried fast food must be anathema to your insides?

For the most part, viewers seem to be watching in order to live vicariously through the YouTuber. We personally like Tzuyang and we’re always excited when she eats some delicious freshly-caught seafood or some other freshly-cooked Korean cuisine.

Who’s YOUR favorite mukbanger? Now check out these funny mukbang memes.

10 Pound Burrito Mukbang

10 pound burrito mukbang memes

I’ll Start Eating Healthy This Monday

mukbang eating healthy memes

Can You Recommend Me Some Mukbang Videos

mukbang memes anime

Girls Doing Mukbang

mukbang memes boys doing mukbang

Mukbang Gone Wrong

mukbang memes cheese fondue

He Salvages Some And Cheese And Continues

mukbang memes cheese

The Original

mukbang memes goku eating

No Snacks In Class

mukbang memes kids in the back in class


mukbang memes me in quarantine

Me Watching An ASMR/Mukbang

mukbang memes me watching mukbang

Most Youtube Mukbangers Starter Pack

mukbang memes most youtube mukbangers starter pack

Has 3 Assignments, 2 Tests And Unfinished Homework

mukbang memes mukbang queen

Why I Am Scared Of Nikocado Avocado


mukbang memes nikocado avocado

Let’s Mukbang

mukbang memes no thanks

Mukbang Trick

mukbang memes poop

This Is My Happiness

mukbang memes this is my happiness

I Didn’t Know Min Yoonji Graduated

mukbang memes yoonji

When You Don’t Have Food At Home

mukbang no food at home memes

Mukbang Starterpack

mukbang starterpack memes

Mukbang This

mukbang wanna cuddle memes