20 Awkward Look Monkey Puppet Memes For Those Uncomfortable Moments

This right here is one of the most flexible memes out there. You can pull it up and use it on social media when you want to express the feeling of wanting to look away from something awkward. Another scenario is being guilty of something but trying desperately to keep incognito. Either way, there’s no denying that this monkey’s expressions are some of the biggest moods out there.

We’re a hundred percent sure that pretty much anyone can relate to this monkey. Scroll on down, and tell us some of your favorite awkward look monkey puppet memes when you’re done!

Me At 3AM Looking At What May Or May Not Be The Devil

monkey puppet 3am meme

When U Accidentally Look At Someone

monkey puppet accidentally look at someone meme

Me When My Friends Are Saying How Much They’ve Accomplished

monkey puppet accomplished meme

When You Walk Into A Store And Notice That Annoying Friend

monkey puppet annoying friend meme

When It’s Your Birthday

monkey puppet birthday meme

Bran And Jaime

monkey puppet bran meme

When U Break Something And Leave It Behind

monkey puppet break something meme

When The Person Sitting Next To You On The Train Coughs

monkey puppet cough meme

When Everyone Thinks You Have A Crush On That Hot Girl

monkey puppet crush meme

California Has Drought

monkey puppet drought meme

When U Walk By A Group Of Girls

monkey puppet group of girls meme

Never Take Candy From A Stranger

monkey puppet halloween meme

When You’re Watching Joker And Some Guy In The Audience Start Laughing

monkey puppet joker meme

Jon When He Saw Sam Being Attacked

monkey puppet jon snow meme

Parents Who Named Their Daughters Khaleesi

monkey puppet khaleesi meme

The Pacific Ocean Has 3.9 Stars Out Of Five On Google Maps

monkey puppet pacific ocean meme

Me Who Sings Loud In The Shower

monkey puppet sings loud in shower meme

When You Staring At Someone And They Look Back At You

monkey puppet staring at someone meme

How I Look When I Try Looking People In The Eyes While Talking To Them

monkey puppet talking to people meme

When Someone Asks What’s That Smell

monkey puppet whats that smell meme