18 Funny Monk Memes That Are Suddenly Timely

Monk was an amazing and funny show that first aired in 2002. At the time, people enjoyed the unique personality of Adrian Monk. He was primarily scared of germs but believe it or not, there’s actually 312 things he’s afraid of including asymmetry, milk, ladybugs and harmonicas. We see snippets of it as he solves mysteries and crime as a detective. He may remind you of Sherlock Holmes except with a huge fear of dirty things.

Fast forward to now and who would’ve known that we would become a legion of Adrian Monks spritzing and soaping day in and day out.

Check out these funny Monk memes and see if you remember them from the show.

Adrian Monk

monk adrian cleaning meme

Monk There’s A Bathroom In The Bathroom

monk bathroom meme

Be Like Monk

monk be like meme

Cleaned Hands Regularly

monk clean hands meme

For Every Handshake There’s A Handwipe

monk handshake meme

I Could Be Wrong

monk i could be wrong meme

I Could Be Wrong Now

monk i dont think so meme

It’s A Gift

monk its a gift and a curse meme

Karma Uneven Number

monk karma uneven meme

Keep Calm And Hand Me A Wipe

monk keep calm meme

Kooty Key

monk kooty key meme

I Might Be Crazy

monk might be crazy meme

It’s The Perfect Sandwich

monk perfect sandwich meme

When You Discover An Untapped Meme Gold Mine

monk reddit meme

Gets Reinstated After 12 Years

monk reinstated meme

Everything You Need To Know Right Now

monk reruns meme

Social Distancing

monk social distancing meme

The Real OCD

monk the real ocd meme

Ahh.. makes you want to re-watch the series, right? Share a funny Adrian Monk meme with your friends today. They’ll totally get it.

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