Mom, I Love You


Mom, I Love You

Mom, I love you!

  • shivanshi pandya

    mom is everything in my life i love u mom

  • evelyn

    I love ma mum very much though sometymz shez annoying bt I can never stop luving ha coz shez the only person who understands me n can 4give me wen I say sori. Ilove ma mum veri much that if 1 de she dies I might hung ma self.I LOVE YOU MUM

  • aj

    mom i wanna leave this house

  • i <3 my mom… da best mom 🙂

  • Loving, caring, helping, tolerance, understanding, sharing, patience, encouraging, cherish, inspiring, dedicating, making those good work with a cheerful heart in my life thats a great job done to me, MOM. Happy mother day.

  • i love my mom very much and im proud bec.your my mother thank you for every thing ilove you and imis you

  • I love my mom. she is always there for me…. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOMMA!!!!

  • i love my mom

  • Be it your practise session or your big match day – there was one person who was always there to cheer for you! She was your MOM!

  • i love u my sweet mom

  • Meet bhadiyadra

    I love u my mammu…
    i feel very lonliy with out u..
    I know that u r also feel lonliy without me…

    Friend when u will mis ur mom plz close ur eyes and think about the best moment of ur life with your mom u fill very better it is my chalange friends it is true try it
    happy mothers day

  • rayyan

    i love my mom so much she is the only one that i can never hate
    love u mom

  • Emmanuel chuks

    A time of motherhood,good day for good mother.mummy your the best.