20 Diva-Level Miss Piggy Memes

One of our favorite Muppet characters is hands down the amazing Miss Piggy. Unlike some minor Muppet characters that appear two-dimensional, Miss Piggy has reached real-life celebrity status with media reporting on the latest updates and news including her 2015 break-up with on and off boyfriend Kermit the Frog.

Miss Piggy’s volatile character and her unwavering belief of her own beauty, ability, and success has made her one of the most iconic puppet characters in history. Check out our collection of the funniest Miss Piggy memes.

Kermit The Frog + Miss Piggy = Bad Piggies

miss piggy bad piggies memes

He Asked Me What’s Wrong I Should be An Adult And Tell Him

miss piggy be an adult memes

I Should Do Some Christmas Shopping

miss piggy christmas shopping memes

I’m Craving Chocolate But It’s So Late

miss piggy craving chocolate memes

This Dress Is Too Short

miss piggy dress too short memes

Bitch You Just Ate

miss piggy eat memes

I Should Really Go To The Gym

miss piggy go to the gym memes

Google Says That It Takes 20 Minutes to Get Home

miss piggy google says memes

He Just Posted A Family Picture

miss piggy happy memes

I’m Not Saying I Hate You

miss piggy hate you memes

He Only Liked 3 Of Her Instagram Photos

miss piggy instagram photos memes

A Plush Leopard Print Robe Is Simply A Must For All Divas

miss piggy leopard print robe memes

No Lurking

miss piggy lurking memes

Miss Piggy Be Like

miss piggy mind your business memes

Let It Go It’s Not That Serious

miss piggy over reacting memes

Overly Attached Girlfriend

miss piggy overly attached girlfriend memes

Time For Some Self Care This Weekend

miss piggy self care memes

I Texted Him At 4:40 But It’s 4:40.5

miss piggy texted him memes

I Think It’s Time For A Diet

miss piggy time for a diet memes

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