18 Adorable And Funny Minion Memes

The internet totally adores the famous Minions and it’s not really surprising why. Apart from their eye-catching color, cuteness, and weird behaviors, the little cheeky creatures have their own unique way of making people giggle. Both kids and adults just can’t resist their evil but funny schemes. Check out this Minion meme collection below to know what we’re talking about!

A Balanced Diet

Arguing With A Woman


I Did A Push Up Today

If I Was A Bird

I’m In Shape

I’m Not Ready

It Takes Skill

Let Me Check My Giveashitometer

Maybe You Should

My Dentist Told Me

My Hidden Talent

Not Sure If I’m Sexy

Respect Your Parents

Since There Only One Of Me

That Moment When You Spell A Word

They Said I Could Be Anything

We Are All Mature

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