Blocks Everywhere: 22 Funny Minecraft Memes


Minecraft has been one of the biggest and most genre-defining games of the decade. Who knew that a game about pixelated blocks, hitting trees, mining ores, and building very cube-like houses would become such a gigantic hit. What really made Minecraft succeed was a combination of the freedom and creativity the infinitely generated world presents to the player in combination with its moving soundtrack and charming looks. We know so many people have treasured memories in Minecraft’s blocky world, and it’s still a fun game up to this day.

For all of you Minecraft fans out there, you owe it to yourself to check out the memes we’ve gathered below. There’s sure to be something that’ll get a chuckle out of you!

Be There Or Be Square

minecraft be square memes

You Can’t Hear Pictures

minecraft cant hear pictures memes

Cats And Dogs

minecraft cats and dogs memes

They See Me Creepin’

minecraft creepin freakin memes

My Grandma Thought That This Was A Cross

minecraft cross memes

Can Chop Tree With Bare Hands

minecraft dies of hunger memes

Party Tonight

minecraft dont go out memes

When 1st Grader See Airplane

minecraft first grader memes

The Food Isn’t Hot

minecraft food memes

Hits Friend In Minecraft

minecraft friends dog memes

This Is A Graphic Image

minecraft graphic image

Remember The Grass Block From Minecraft

minecraft grass block memes

When You Post A Minecraft Meme

minecraft honest work memes

How Should We Hurt The Player

minecraft ideas memes

A Letter For You

minecraft letter for you memes

Why Don’t You Go And Play With The Neighbor’s Kid

minecraft neighbors kids memes

You Can’t Break Through Bedrock

minecraft nokia memes

In Minecraft

minecraft normal memes

Me Using Minecraft For This Format

minecraft normies memes

You Can’t Hear Pictures

minecraft picture memes

Minecraft Skin

minecraft skin memes

When Someone Tickles Ur Neck

minecraft tickles ur neck memes