20 Relatable Memes For The Millennial

Sometimes, it’s good to just let go and laugh at ourselves every once in while. Contrary to what many people think, being able to chin up and laugh at one’s self from time to time is actually a great sign of security and strength of mind. For those not familiar, millennial generally refers to people born around 1981 to 1996 although this is not set in stone.

With that in mind, below are some of the most amusing millennial-related memes we could find. We believe age doesn’t matter in being able to enjoy these memes!

A Millennnial Who Accepts Constructive Criticism

millenial accepts constructive criticism memes

Sorry For Your Wait

millenial and baby boomer memes

Military Official Say That They Aren’t Taking The Area 51 Threat Seriously

millenial area 51 memes

Millionaire To Millennials

millenial avocado toast memes

Millenials Are Simultaneously The Best And Worst Generation

millenial best and worst generation memes

This Is The Best Costume Of the Year

millenial best costume memes

I Upset A Millennial So Bad The Other Day

millenial both parents memes

The Career Ladder

millenial career ladder memes


millenial everywhere memes

The Millennial Generation

millenial generation memes

Millennials Have Discovered Going Out Sucks

millenial going out sucks memes

Millennial Home Buyers

millenial home buyers memes

Welcome To Whose Is It Anyway

millenial job memes

I Think I Offended A Millennial

millenial mom memes

The Perfect Job For Millennials Doesn’t Exis…

millenial perfect job memes

Work Yourself To Death

millenial retirement plans memes

When You Get On TV

millenial tv memes

Dear Millennials

millenial welcome to life memes

This Is Millennial Culture

millennial culture memes

I Love How Babyboomers Dreamt Of Being Millionaires

millennnal dream memes

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