15 Bubbly Milk Tea Memes Sure To Make You Thirsty


The Milk tea meme came about because of the popularity of this oh so delicious beverage, tea with milk. It’s not just tea mixed with milk. There’s a whole art into the making of milk tea or what is better known in India as Chai.

Nowadays, milk tea comes in different variations originating from different parts of the world. The Thai Tea is a Thai drink made from tea, milk, and sugar, served hot or cold. The Masala Chai which literally means “mixed-spice tea” is made by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic spices and herbs.

And of course, we have the all too famous Bubble Tea or Boba tea. It’s a Taiwanese tea-based drink that contains tea of some kind, flavors of milk, as well as sugar (which can be substituted with honey if you prefer or no sweetener at all). Different toppings, like chewy tapioca balls (also known as pearls, or boba), popping boba, fruit jelly, grass jelly, agar jelly, and puddings are some of the add-ons for the tea. You can order it just hot, with ice or like a smoothie.

With the popularity of this drink comes the milk tea meme that we can never avoid from our Boba loving friends. Let’s look at some of the memes we collected of this yummy drink.

My Blood Type

blood milk tea meme

Chewy Tea 

chewy milk tea meme

When You See The Most Perfect Milk Tea

give me milk tea meme

Priorities First, Study Later

library milk tea meme

When You Get To Your Favorite Milk Tea Shop

series milk tea meme

Do You Feel My Pain

tapioca milk tea meme

Translator Did Them Dirty

translator milk tea meme

Normal People vs Me

asian milk tea meme

Don’t You Dare

dare milk tea meme

Late Every Monday Because

decide milk tea meme

How To Finish At The Same Time?

time milk tea meme

You Deserve A Boba

give milk tea meme

What Do You Want?

want milk tea meme

My Chem Teacher Thinks I Am Motivated With Her Class

thinking milk tea meme

One Bubble Tea A Day Only Please

limit milk tea meme

I bet you are craving for some Boba. Before you go get some, share these memes with your friends to spread the love.