25 Memes That Show All The Crazy Things You Can Do With A Microwave


The microwave is truly one of the greatest inventions of our generation. Using the power of electric energy and microwave radiation, we as a species have reached the apex of accessible cooking. However, not many view the microwave in a positive light. Many believe in oven supremacy, for example—in the belief that cooking things in the oven is about ten times classier than making use of the plebeian microwave. After all, how can a cooking appliance that distributes heat so unevenly be remotely good? There’s also the fact that some of us can’t even use a dang microwave properly!

To see all the microwave shenanigans in the world, keep reading. We’re sure to have gathered the best microwave memes around.

Food From The Oven

food in microwave memes

Ah Yes

microwave ah yes memes

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears

microwave as storage memes

Attempting To Warm Up My 12th Plate Of Tacquitos Today

microwave attempting memes

Microwaves Be Like

microwave be like memes

Beep Beep Beep

microwave beep beep memes

My Microwave Stopped Working About A Week Ago

microwave blood sacrifice memes

Why Does My Microwave Have A Chaos Mode

microwave chaos mode memes

Ah Yes

microwave chernobyl memes

Do You Want To Explode

microwave do you want to explode memes

What Gives People Feelings Of Power

microwave feelings of power memes


microwave flying cars memes

No One

microwave food memes


microwave frozen and hot memes

My Microwave

microwave frozen lasagna memes

Beep Beep

microwave hot bowl memes

Lasagna In The Microwave Be Like

microwave lasagna memes

What Me And My Friend See

microwave me and my friend memes


microwave never heat an egg memes

My Microwave Keeps Asking For Sacrifices

microwave sacrifices memes

When You Don’t Stop The Microwave Before It Reaches 0:00

microwave stop memes

What A Time To Be Alive

microwave time to be alive memes

How Long Does It Take To Microwave A 25lb Turkey

microwave trukey memes

What My Food Sees From Inside The Microwave

microwave what my food sees memes

Who Would Win

microwave who would win memes