15 Most Viral Michael J. Fox Memes


Michael J Fox isn’t just popular for acting in Back to the Future. He’s also known for his battle against Parkinson’s Disease after years of depression and denial.

Despite his condition, Fox remains optimistic in life. In fact, he’s even showed intense support to people battling the same condition as him.┬áTrust MJ to come out of this strong. Now Michael just can’t stop laughing at his symptoms. Truly the perfect role model!

Now, with his popularity, Fox can’t definitely escape the internet and its users. He’s been a subject of a lot of funny memes that have been around for quite some time.

With that, here are the most viral Michael J Fox memes you need to see.

Do The Harlem Shake

Caught In An Earthquake

Great At Making Martinis


How Come

I Did The Harlem Shake

I’ll Be Writing

What Do You Mean

No Batteries

Sits At Drum Set

This Jell-O Is So Loose

This Picture Is So Blurry

Trying Not To Shake My Head

What Do You Do

Takes Pic Of New Dog

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