20 Funny Mean Girls Memes


Mean girls aren’t just mean. They’re seriously way cool and funny! Case in point, these mean girl memes.

If we go back to the nightmare that was highschool, one thing that stands out are the different stereotypes for students. There are the nerds, the outcasts, the jocks, the Asians, and of course, the mean girls. In stereotypical fashion, mean girls are the most famous in campus, strut the hallways in groups of 4, sport the latest fashion and makeup, and the resident Queen Bee of the group also typically wins the Prom Queen spot. (Egads we love that iconic Mean Girls movie!)

You can hate them but you can laugh at them too. Check out these mean girl memes and see which ones you find the funniest. Don’t forget to share with friends!

1Boo You Wh*re

2Boss: Why Are You Late Again?

3By The Time She Has Enough Plastic Surgery To Get In

4Disney Princesses As Mean Girls

5If You’re The “Dark Lord”

6I Had Sex, Got Pregnant And Almost Died

7I Heard The Devil Is Mad

8I Know What You Are

9Me In November Vs Me In December

10On Friday

11On Wednesdays We Wear Ashes

12Raise Your Hand If You’ve Ever Been

13So, If You’re Rebecca Black…

14So Why Don’t We Just Walk Into Mordor?

15Stop Trying To Make Pineapple Pizza Happen

16When It’s Payday And You Can Afford To Be Fancy

17When Someone Steals Your Meme

18When Your Boyfriend Asks If You’ll Be Ready Within An Hour

19When Your Friend Says “How Do You Know He’s A F*ckboy?”

20When Your Kids Keep Climbing On Top Of You