15 Of The Best McJimin Tweets

The BTS meal has made big waves all over the world. You can say that it’s just a repackaging of 10 chicken nuggets, a drink, and fries in pretty BTS-themed wrappers and boxes. However, apps are breaking, McDonald’s stores are closing, and the special meal is on the news all around the world. Thus is the power of BTS.

Interestingly enough, when some people order, they don’t ask for the BTS meal. They ask for the McJimin meal. The ones we’ve seen on the internet are either Jimin fanboys or Jimin fans. Men, women, or alien, nobody can get enough of Jimin.

Check out all the people asking for the McJimin in their local McDonald’s stores.

He Called It The #McJimin

Finally Got McJimin

What Do You Mean There’s No McJimin Photocard

The Art

Welcome To McDonald’s

People Calling BTS Meal As McJimin

Me At McDonald’s

Everyone Needs More Jimin

Dudes In Line At McDonald’s Asking For The McJimin

The BTS Meal

Lulu Loves The McJimin

The Taste Of The McJimin

One McJimin Please

Locals Getting In Line For The McJimin

Anyone Wants A McJimin

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